Bicycle Tire Studs

Grip Studs - bicycle tire studs are up to the task of managing even the iciest terrain. This capable tire stud with its solid tungsten carbide shaft prevents spinning out on ice and snow all season long. Its unique wide-auger design installs easily with a cordless drill without tedious gluing or complicated techniques, and it stays put like no other screw-in stud. Grip Studs™ shallow auger depths work in most off road tires and are easily removed at season’s end if desired.

Check out more details here at:

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45NRTH – New Winter Products

Wölvhammer - The pinnacle of winter cycling footwear.

Our vision for the Wölvhammer transcended traditional cycling footwear and originated from the conceptual standpoint of a mountaineering boot. On the inside we max out the insulation package with 200g Thinsulate on the forefoot and NASA-approved aerogel in the insole to block cold cleats. On the outside, 1000-denier Cordura and waterproof-breathable Sympatex block moisture and manage perspiration. For deep snow, easily add knee-high gaiters using the dedicated hook  on the toe box. And of course, the Vibram sole is ready for any SPD-compatible cleat of your choice. These are the finest winter cycling shoes ever made.


The first-ever studded fatbike tire. Riding your fatbike on ice will never be the same. 240 lightweight aluminum-carbide studs allow you to rail icy off-camber singletrack with confidence and control. At a mere 1275g, the Dillinger virtually launches you over the steepest and iciest climbs. When you need to roll fast, tightly spaced center treads do not let Dillinger’s unparalleled traction get in the way.

Check out all there great new products at:

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Revelate Designs – Sweet Rolls

Ok, so when Eric stopped making custom order framebags to devote more time to new product development I was a little sad I must admit. But, now after seeing some of his newer items out on the market, I glad he went that direction. Keep up the great work Eric!

Dual roll down sides, modular front system for what you need or stripped down, run just straps and bungee or a spocket, or either of the front pockets and even layered. Lots of versatility in a super stable package. Sweet!

To learn more clicking here: Revelate Designs

Reposted with Eric’s permission!

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Carver Ti Snow Bike – In-Stock!!!

Well it looks like the war is heating up to get the Surly Big Fat Larry 4.7″ tires on snow bikes. First the Surly Moonlander, Twenty2cycles Bully, and now(drum roll please) the latest generation Carver Ti Snow Bike called the ‘OBeast! is now BFL ready.

“Woo hoo!.. Our latest generation Fat frame…the 2012 OBeast! Titanium, 3.7 pounds, fits the new 4.7″ tires, 44mm head tube, replaceable derailleur hanger, three sets of bottle cage mounts, blah, blah, blah. 6 frame sizes, too!” Frame only: $1399.00

Now a nice new Carver Ti Snow bike wouldn’t be complete without Carver’s new Carbon fat fork. Visit: for more details. UPDATE: IN-STOCK now!!!

“Our new baby…. 525 gram full carbon fat fork. 135 mm. spacing. Fits the new Clown Shoe rim and Big Fat Larry 4.5″ tire.” $299.95

Facebook: (

Web: ( UPDATE: IN-STOCK now!!!

*Complete Full Build & Review – Coming Soon* including some really nice parts from 45NRTHKent Eriksen, Ti Cycles and a custom wheelset from Mike over at Lace Mine 29. Stay Tuned!

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Salsa – Full-Suspension Fatbike??

Are we seeing the future of full suspension fatbikes taking shape, I think so. Well the team at Salsa are working on it right now!

You can follow the link below and post your comments on there website to help them develop the wheel travel and rim & tire width that you would like to see.

My personal wishlist would be as follows:

  • 100mm – wheel travel front & rear.
  • 3.7/3.8 tires.
  • 82mm rims maximum.

Anything wider like 4.5’s on 100mm rims would make no sense to me for a FS bike.

Here’s a quote from the article: “The inspiration for this project came from numerous people within our team (in a strangely timely convergence actually) and from the fact that fatbikes are being ridden all year long as opposed to being strictly thought of as snow or winter bikes. There is such tremendous capability within these machines that we wanted to have some full-suspension prototypes built to explore the concept further.”

Click here to read the full story: Prototype Talk: Full-Suspension Fatbike

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Surly Necromancer Pugsley (Black Ops Pug)

Here is an article from my friend over at The All Seasons Cyclist who just complete his Surly Necromancer(Black Ops Pug). Be sure to check out the Shimano Alfine 8-Speed IGH.

This is one of my favorite sites I like to follow, and you get some great honest reviews.

“It was nearly four months ago that Surly announced several new fat bike products, including the Surly Necromancer Pug (formerly known by the much cooler Black Ops Pug name). After one look at the Necromancer I knew I had to have one, so I asked the folks at the local bike shop, Zion Cyclery in Zion, Illinois to order one for me. Surly seriously underestimated the demand for this bike and for a while it looked like I wasn’t going to be able to get one till next March. Fortunately, Mary Daisy, one of the owners of Zion Cyclery, worked tirelessly to make sure I got my new bike and it finally arrived yesterday.”

Read entire article at:

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Surly Pugsley

Here is a few shots of my 2011 Surley Pugsley with some new goodies I recently purchased and installed. A special thanks to Eric over at Revelate Designs who does a great job on these bags. The fit, finish and quality of these pieces are unbelievable. I replaced the stock long-cage rear derailleur with the shorter mid-cage, since the larger triple was replaced with a Surly Mr. Whirly and a 30 tooth stainless steel Surly chain ring up front. The 1×9 setup looks much cleaner, and works great via the Paul BB Chain Keeper. Now I don’t have to worry about dropping the chain off the front ring.

  • Blackspire Sub4 – Pedals
  • Ergon – GP1 Grips
  • Revelate Designs – Frame Bag (one of Eric’s last custom bags)
  • Revelate Designs – Gas Tank & Mountain Feed Bag
  • Shimano – SLX Rear Derailleur – (Mid-Cage) RD-M662
  • SKS – Grand M.O.M. & D.A.D. fenders
  • Surly Mr. Whirly Crank Set + Surly 30 tooth stainless steel chain ring
  • WTB Rocket V Saddle
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