Origin 8 Crawler – Fat Bike

Well it looks like everyone is getting on the fat/snow bike bandwagon. This Origin 8 Crawler showed-up at a recent bicycle show, check it out. The rear is powered by a internally geared hub and is setup for 135mm front and rear spacing.

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4 Responses to Origin 8 Crawler – Fat Bike

  1. Joboo says:

    I’ve said it for 2 years now.
    Fat Bikes are where 29ers were, before they blew up!!
    Fat Bikes are at the explosion point, and how could that be a bad thing???!!!
    Except Fat Bikes are MUCH MUCH cooler than 29ers, and can go many many more places!!!


  2. Ben W says:

    I see twenty2cycles.com has some sweet ti ones

  3. Art H. says:

    The rear hub is a very cool NuVinci from Fallbrook Technologies and the tires are an Origin 8 brand that they made for this bike and are available in wire bead or folding.

  4. HAP says:

    just picked up mine, still needs minor adjusting, rides great, fat tires take a little getting used to. friend and I went to Malabar scrubs, rode for a couple of hours had a great time, even though we are a couple of old retired guys. been many years since I have been riding, may be hooked on this trail riding

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