Carver TRANS-Fat – Full Suspension Fat Bike

Every month I find the world of fat bikes getting more and more interesting. Below is the latest creation from Carver bikes, the TRANS-Fat full suspension fat bike.

Here are some direct quotes from the Carver website:

“A project that was close to a year in the making has finally concluded with our first production TRANS-Fat. The TRANS-Fat was originally created as a custom bike for a customer. Thankfully, the customer was willing to wait as we diligently worked out the quirks with one of the world’s first production full suspension fat bike frames. The resulting bike rides like you might think: smoooooth….”

“It is great to see a long-term project come to a successful end. After the final photo shoot the bike was packed up and shipped off to a very happy customer. After riding several versions of the TRANS-Fat, we can say it is an absolute blast to ride. At first it may seem a little too soft, mostly because you have added four inches of rear wheel travel to an already aired down 4″ rear tire. But after the initial squish factor fades, you realize how much this bike rips. Climbing, descending, cornering…the bike NEVER loses traction. Maybe not the fastest bike up the climb, but the TRANS-Fat opens the door to climbing trail sections you never thought possible.”

Click here for more info:

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