9:ZERO:7 Whiteout Carbon

907-whiteout-bike-largeUtilizing the same geometry as the race proven 9:ZERO:7 aluminum frames, the Whiteout excels in the most challenging environments on earth.

The Whiteout frame uses a 197mm rear dropout spacing to work in conjunction with a 12mm thru-axle 190mm rear hub.  This gives unmatched strength and stability.  By utilizing 197mm spacing, the Whiteout can be built as either a super light race bike with “narrow” wheels, or a high performance adventure rig with the widest fat bike rims and tires on planet.

The Whiteout frameset is designed in conjunction with the new 9:ZERO:7 190mm hub set.  The rear hub is completely convertible, so it is compatible with both the aluminum 190mm and carbon 197mm frames.

Frame weight is 1340 grams.

Complete Bike MSRP $3999.00

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2 Responses to 9:ZERO:7 Whiteout Carbon

  1. Emanuel says:

    Hi are they any Sala Beargrease in Med or large anywhere to purchase?


    • dsemanik says:

      2 weeks ago Milltown Cycles had a few in-stock, give them a call. (507)331-2636

      In stock bikes include Surly Necromancers and Moonlanders, Salsa Beargrease comletes, Mukluk 2’s and Mukluk 3’s

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