Carbon Fat Bike – Wheels

Yo Momma Rims Pair Borealis CarbondaleHED Carbon – Yo MaMa’s

Rim Weight: 480 grams
Width – 85mm wide

HED is building all Fat Bike rims in house.

The dealer will need to call 651 653 0202 for a RA number. HED isn’t responsible for lost hubs that are sent without a RA number.

  Hubs need to be 135mm front and at least 170 mm rear. 190mm hubs in the rear will work as well.

Borealis Carbon – Carbondale

These rims will work with or without tubes with any tire from 3.8″ to 4.8″ wide.  The 85mm rim width is an ideal size for all widths of fat bike tires.


MSRP: $1599 per set of rims

$1999 per complete wheelset with Borealis FH1 hubs, double butted spokes, and colored alloy nipples.

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  1. In the words of the late Jackie Gleason, “How sweet it is!”

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