2015 Salsa Blackborow DS

Ok, so I went out to shop for a single-speed bike that I could ride most of the year here in Northeastern Ohio, and look what I found, a Dingle-Speed. My plan is to build a 29+ wheelset to ride in the Spring/Summer, and then rock the massive 4.8″ tires on 100mm Clown Shoes in the Fall/Winter. I will update this post after a put some miles on this thing, but so far I’m lovin’ this beast. Also, none on my bikes are complete without my Revelate Designs Gas Tank & Mountain Feedbag.

Here is the description from Salsa Cycles:

Salsa Blackborow DS is designed for off-the-beaten-path fatbike exploration. Our thru-axle equipped 6066 aluminum Blackborow frame and Bearpaw 150 fork gets loaded up with flotation maximizing 100mm-wide Surly Clown Shoe rims and premium 4.8” folding bead Surly Lou tires. Power those fat tires with a dinglespeed drivetrain. Dinglespeed? Think double singlespeed, in this case, 30 x 18t and 26 x 22t. The larger gear is great for cruising into town for supplies, while the lower gear will come in handy on singletrack or when the conditions get truly horrific. Don’t let “dinglespeed” fool you into thinking downgraded spec. Blackborow DS features the best-in-class Surly OD crankset with wider spaced bearings for better distribution of crankarm forces and longer bearing life. If Blackborow DS has you thinking soft surface beach riding, you’ll appreciate the fact that the cogs, chainrings, chainring bolts and spokes are stainless steel, and that we’ve spec’d a KMC RustBuster chain.

Salsa Blackborow DS

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