Salsa Blackborow DS + Woven – Tubeless Carbon Wheel Set

Salsa DS_2225
Well my first ride on the new Woven 85mm Carbon Fat Bike Wheelset, and all I can say is ‘WOW’!!! The ride quality and feel of losing all that weight really makes a difference. The total weight savings from swapping out the Clownshoes & removing the tubes is a whopping 3.98 lbs. These new Woven wheels were easy to setup with just 4oz. of Stan’s sealant in each wheel, but having an air compressor for inflation is a must for these guys.













My Salsa Blackborow DS is going to be so happy with these beautiful Woven Precision Handbuilts 85mm Carbon Tubeless wheels. A full review and more photos to follow.

Woven Fatbike Hubs

● Shimano/SRAM 10 speed or xd Driver
● Front: 135mm or 150 mm (QR or 15mm)
● Rear: 170/177mm or 190/197mm (QR or 12mm)
● Sapim D-Light spokes with Sapim Polyax alloy nipples
● 32 front & 32 rear (3x)
● 2132g / pair

$1650 CDN

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